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Return of Borges family to Buenos Aires from Europe, after a final six weeks in Lisbon, in July 1924. Initial residence at Avenida Quintana 222, before moving to an apartment on a sixth floor at Pueyrredón and Las Heras. Founding of the Revista Martín Fierro. End of relationship with Concepción Guerrero; fascination with Norah Lange.


From February to April, Borges lives in Madrid. In May he moves to the Frankfort Hotel in Lisbon and at the end of June returns to Buenos Aires on the Dutch steamship Orania, staying in the Hotel The Garden, calle Callao 950, Buenos Aires. In September he moves to to Calle Quintana 222.

Historical Context

Split between the “Yrigoyenistas” (loyal to Hipolito Yrigoyen) and the “anti-Personalistas” (followers of President Alvear) sectors of the Radical party. Writer Leopoldo Lugones calls for the “Time of the Sword”  and questions the legitimacy of liberal democracy.  Chrysler and IBM open businesses  in Argentina.

Periodical Publications

  • Alejamiento. Alfar [La Coruña] 4.36 (January 1924), p. 25. [Poem included in Textos recobrados 1919-1929, p. 181.]
  • Examen de metáforas [I]. Alfar [La Coruña] 4.36 (January 1924), pp. 11-12. [First parts of essay included in Inquisiciones.]
  • La traducción de un incidente. Inicial 1.5 (May 1924), pp. 6-8. [Essay included in Inquisiciones.]
  • Examen de metáforas [II].  Alfar [La Coruña] 4.41 (June 1924), pp. 4-5. [Later parts of essay included in Inquisiciones.]
  • Los llanos. Nosotros 18.47, #181 (June 1924), p. 203. [Poem included in Textos recobrados 1919-1929, p. 182; included with variants in Luna de enfrente and subsequent editions of poetry.]
  • Herrera y ReissigInicial 1.6 (August 1924), pp. 31-34. [Essay included in Inquisiciones.]
  • Herwarth Walden. Proa 1.1 (August 1924), p. 21. With a translation by Borges of an essay by Walden, "Cubismo, expresionismo, futurismo," on pp. 22-24. [Essay and translation included in Textos recobrados 1919-1929, pp. 192-95.]
  • ProaProa 1.1 (August 1924), pp. 3-8. [Essay included in Textos recobrados 1919-1929, pp. 183-84.]
  • E. González Lanuza. Proa 1.1 (August 1924), pp. 30-32. [Essay included in Inquisiciones.]
  • Jactancia de quietud. Proa 1.1 (August 1924), p. 49. [Poem included in Textos recobrados 1919-1929, pp. 196, included with variants in Luna de enfrente and subsequent editions.]
  • Singladura. Proa 1.1 (August 1924), pp. 49-50.  [Poem included in Textos recobrados 1919-1929, p. 196-97, included with variants in Luna de enfrente and subsequent editions.]
  • A Rafael Cansinos Assens. Proa 1.1 (August 1924), pp. 50-51.  [Poem included in Textos recobrados 1919-1929, p. 197, included with variants in Luna de enfrente and subsequent editions.]
  • Ramón Gómez de la Serna. Inicial 1.6 (September 1924), pp. 72-73. [Essay included in Textos recobrados 1919-1929, pp. 183-84.]
  • MontevideoMartín Fierro 1.8-9 (6 September 1924), p. 6. [Poem in Textos recobrados 1919-1929, p. 199, and with variants in Luna de enfrente.
  • Norah Lange. Martín Fierro 1.6 (September 1924), pp. 72-73. [Preface to La calle de la tarde, included in Inquisiciones and Prólogos.]
  • Interpretación de Silva ValdésProa 1.2 (September 1924), pp. 24-26. [Essay included in Inquisiciones.]
  • Definición de Cansinos AssénsMartín Fierro 1.12-13 (October-November 1924), p. 5. [Essay included in Inquisiciones.]
  • La criolledad en IpucheProa 1.3 (October 1924), pp. 27-29. [Essay included in Inquisiciones.]
  • Menoscabo y grandeza de QuevedoRevista de Occidente 6.17 (October 1924), pp. 249-55. [Essay included in Inquisiciones.]
  • Torres Villaroel (1693-1770). Proa 1.4 (November 1924), pp. 51-55. [Essay included in Inquisiciones.]
  • La llegada de TagoreProa 1.4 (November 1924), p. 61. [Note included in Textos recobrados 1919-1929, p. 200.]
  • Después de las imágenes. Proa 1.5 (December 1924), pp. 22-23. [Essay included in Inquisiciones.]

Manuscript attributed to 1924

  • Boletín de una noche toda. [From a 1924-26 notebook. Included in Textos recobrados 1919-1929, pp. 185-86.