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Orphic (Órfico)

Index: Los teólogos.

Fishburn and Hughes: "Pertaining to the sect which takes its name from the mythical Orpheus, whose activities are recorded as early as the sixth century BC. Their creed rested on the principle of an original sin from which the soul eventually achieves liberation after the course of multiple lives, through asceticism and purifying rites. CF 205: Demosthenes in the De Corona (330 BC) refers to Salazian or Bacchic rituals, whose routine was very similar to Orphic rituals. Purification with mud and other duties once performed by his rival Aeschines are mockingly described by Demosthenes (259): 'to clothe the catechumens... to wash their bodies, to scour them with the loam and the bran, and, when their lustration was performed... give out the hymn, "Here I leave my sins behind / Here the better way I find" ' making sure that 'no one ever emitted an ululation so powerful' as himself." (145)