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The Helft Collection

The "Jorge Luis Borges" Center for Studies & Documentation is glad to present a selection, in *.jpg format, of some of the best documents (manuscripts, first editions, covers, pictures) by and about Borges . They belong to Jorge, Marion and Nicolás Helft, a well-known family of art collectors in Buenos Aires. They bring the scholars the possibility to consult, under special appointment, almost 1450 books by or about Borges, including first editions, autographed books, interviews, letters, translation in 15 languages, more than 100 pages of manuscripts, books corrected and anotated by Borges, facsimiles, pictures, postal cards, almost 10 000 press clippings, audio-visual material, etc. Most of these documents have been digitalized, what makes easier the work of researchers.

Visit our Helft Collection gallery.