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Wheel (rueda)

Fishburn and Hughes: A universal symbol. The Theologians: its circular form, without beginning or end, has been used as an emblem of eternity, 'monotony' and the recurrence of events. The Inmortal: in some Hindu religions, as well as being the weapon of the god Vishnu and the 'mandala' or axis of the earth and centre of energy, the wheel is also the 'kala chakra', symbol of the continuation of life through multiple individual manifestations, and of alternating patterns of destruction and rebirth, marked by the inward and outward breath of Brahma. Brahma is also refered to as 'Wheel'. The Writing of the God: a symbol of perfect totality, the wheel can allude to the Divinity present in its creation. The Inmortal; The Theologians; The Writing of the God