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Third Reich (Tercer Reich) (1933-1945)

Fishburn and Hughes: From the German Reich, 'empire': a concept made popular by a treatise Das Dritte Reich ('The Third Reich') published in 1923 by A. Moller van den Bruck. It originated in the Christian tradition of the millennium described in the book of Revelation (20-22) and adopted in the twelfth century by the German theologian J. von Floris (1132-1202). Floris divided all time into three ages: the age of the Father (up to the birth of Christ); the age of the Son (up to 1260); and the age of the Holy Spirit, or Drittes Reich, a messianic age in which there would be a universal reordering of peoples and nations. Under National Socialism the idea of a Third Reich was reinterpreted in triadic Hegelian terms, as the synthesis of the First Reich, the Holy Roman Empire, 962-1806, (the thesis), and the Second Reich, the empire of the Hohenzollerns created by Bismark in 1871, (the antithesis). The Secret Miracle; Deutsches Requiem; Guayaquil