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Tahafut-ul-Tahafut. See Destrucción de la destrucción


Fishburn and HughesIncoherence of Incoherence, a philosophical treatise published in about 1180, in which Averroes seeks to refute Ghazali's refutation of philosophy. The subject of chapter 11 is that divine nature cannot participate in the 'emotions' and passing 'inclinations' which occur in individual and material bodies. Averroes's argument in opposition to Ghazali is that there is no activity in God other than what there was from the start. Since God created only the universal and not the individual aspects of reality ('ipse fecit universalia et non fecit particularia'), it follows that God does not perceive the particular ('ipsum non apprehendere particularia'), whose existence is subsequent to creation. See Aristotle. Averroës’ Search