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region of northwestern India

Fishburn and Hughes: Sanskrit for 'five rivers': a region in north-west India, west of what is now Pakistan. It was annexed to India by the British in 1849, after the two Anglo-Sikh wars. Though the Sikhs became dominant in the Punjab at the beginning of the nineteenth century, a long history of conflict among Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus has torn the nation apart. In 1947, when the independent states of India and Pakistan were formed, the Punjab was divided into West Punjab, a Pakistani province with a Muslim majority, and East Punjab, a province of India with a non-Muslim population. The English 'men and women from all the corners of the Punjab...' does not perhaps convey the composite character of the people of this nation as given by the original: 'una turba de hombres y mujeres de todas las naciones del Punjab...' The Man on the Threshold