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Gauchos judíos, Los

Index: Alberto Gerchunoff, Figuras de nuestro tiempo, CS,El círculo secreto. Buenos Aires: Emecé, 2003. 80.

Gerchunoff short story collection, 1910

Fishburn and Hughes: "A novel by the Russian-born Jewish Argentine writer Alberto Gerchunoff (1833-1949), published in 1910 as part of the centenary celebrations of independence. The novel is a paean to work, fraternity and man's ability to rise above life's obstacles, as experienced in Argentina. Set in a Jewish colony in the province of Entre Ríos, it tells of the hardships suffered by the early colonists and their eventual triumph over natural and cultural difficulties. Its overidealised portrayal has led to the saying that it depicts neither Jews nor gauchos. CF 353: ‘There were never any Jewish gauchos. We were merchants and small farmers’." (101)