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Certamen de la tortuga, El

Index: El puente, CQ,Cervantes y el Quijote. Buenos Aires: Emecé, 2005. 147. Dos antiguos problemas, TR2,Textos recobrados 1930-1955. Buenos Aires: Emecé, 2001. 92.

Wolff book, apparently apocryphal

Fishburn and Hughes: The second of Zeno's paradoxes, illustrating the illusion of movement. Achilles gives the tortoise a start but cannot overtake it. For when he reaches the point from which the tortoise began the tortoise will have moved on, and when he gets to where the tortoise has moved on to it will have moved on once more and so on ad infinitum. This paradox has intrigued philosophers from Descartes to Russell. Borges wrote on the subject (see Other Inq. 109, and TL 43) and alluded to it more than once in his fiction. See 'Ne craignez point, Monsieur, la tortue'. Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote