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Boole, George

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English logician and mathematician, 1815-64

Fishburn and Hughes: "An English logician and mathematician. In The Laws of Thought Boole dealt with the methodology of deriving logical inferences. Boole was the first mathematician to associate mathematics with logic, showing how the symbols of algebra can be made to represent logical forms and syllogisms. By the use of such symbols all propositions can be reduced to universally accessible equations. If, for example, the symbols x and y signify respectively 'horned' and 'sheep', the combination xy will mean 'horned sheep'. Equally 1-x will indicate everything except horned things, and (1-x) (1-y) everything which is neither horned nor sheep. Boole's Memoirs were published by the Royal Society, one of whose founders, John Wilkins, had advocated the possibility of a universal language based on a system of logical symbols." (30)