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Avellanos, Doctor

Index: Guayaquil, El informe de Brodie, OC,Obras completas. Buenos Aires: Emecé, 1974. 1062, 1065.

character in Conrad's Nostromo and in Borges story.

Fishburn and Hughes: "A character in Conrad's Nostromo, described as 'a statesman, a poet, a man of culture, and author of The History of Fifty Years of Misrule'. Conrad claims to have derived the history of the fictitious Costaguana from his own character Avellanos, a claim which would not have been lost on Borges. Avellanos's text, as explained by Conrad in the Author's Note, was, of course, never published; the manuscript is seen later in the course of the novel 'flowing in the gutter, blown in the wind, trampled in the mud'. See Estado Occidental, Golfo Plácido, Higuerota, José Korzeniovski, Sulaco." (18-19)