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Alvear, Carlos de

Index: La señora mayor, El informe de Brodie, OC,Obras completas. Buenos Aires: Emecé, 1974. 1048. Acotaciones, TR1,Textos recobrados 1919-1929. Buenos Aires: Emecé, 1997. 236.

Argentine general and political figure, 1789-1853.

Fishburn and Hughes: "An Argentine public figure and military leader. Alvear was in charge of the criollo revolutionary forces who in 1814 defeated the Spanish in Montevideo, replacing Spanish colonial rule with porteño domination. He schemed unsuccessfully with several caudillos of the eastern provinces against the Unitarian government of Buenos Aires and was exiled to Uruguay. During the war with Brazil Alvear was recalled and placed at the head of the Republican army, in charge of some 5,500 soldiers and some of the greatest military leaders of Argentina, such as Paz, Lavalle and Olavarría. In 1827 he achieved a brilliant victory at Ituzaingó, defeating the Brazilian Imperial army and bringing the war to an end. He died in the USA where he was representing Rosas's government." (9)