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Latest Issue of Variaciones BorgesVariaciones Borges 48

Víctor Vich, Fabián Darío Mosquera, Lucía Campanella, Marta Spagnuolo, Mariano García, Kevin Dorman & Emron Esplin, Mehmet İlgürel, Alma BolónJuan David Cruz Duarte, Gabriel Schreiber, Ephraim Schreiber, Sofia Avissar & Demian Halperin, Álvaro Arango Vallejo, Carlos GarcíaLuis Gusman, Alfredo Alonso Estenoz

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Ensayos. Jorge Luis Borges. Ed. Daniel Balderston and María Celeste Martín.

This book includes facsimile images of five Borges essays, with an introduction by Daniel Balderston. Each essay is accompanied by a typographical transcription, an introduction and a commentary. Prepared with Mariana Di Ció and María Celeste Martín. 164 pages.

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International Conference: Borges's Legacy around the world, Readers and Readings

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Borges' s texts continue to travel around the world; they have been translated into several languages and continue to fascinate and fertilize world literature. Few writings have inspired so many writers and critics in all disciplinary fields. Borges´s writings have not only constituted an inexhaustible universal inter-text but also give its readers an infinite and constantly renewed pleasure. More than a century after his birth and more than thirty years after his death, this author is more alive than before. His writing becomes the allegory of human thought that, through an elegant language, reflects his thoughts, dreams and emotions. This Argentinean author's literature reflects the complexity of the modern world through brief, concise but profound forms of writing.

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"Las redes silenciosas del destino cubano de Borges": Review of Alfredo Alonso Estenoz's Borges en Cuba. Estudio de su recepción, by Nancy Calomarde

New review of Alfredo Alonso Estenoz's Borges en Cuba. Estudio de su recepción, by Nancy Calomarde: "Las redes silenciosas del destino cubano de Borges".

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"Borderline Borges": Review of Borges's Poemas y Prosas Breves (ed. Balderston and Martin), by Daniel Fitzgerald

New review by Daniel Fitzgerald of Borges's Poemas & Prosas Breves (edited by Daniel Balderston and Maria Celeste Martín): "Borderline Borges"

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How Borges Wrote: Book presentation and Symposium on the Creative Process of Jorge Luis Borges

Book presentation and Symposium marking the publication of How Borges Wrote, by Daniel Balderston, Director of the Borges Center and Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Modern Languages at the University of Pittsburgh. The book is published by University of Virginia Press.

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