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In order to increase its support to research activities, Variaciones Borges is now implemented with  an electronic supplement: Borges Studies Online. It is not a matter of digitally reproducing the printed edition of Variaciones Borges, but of a complementary and entirely new initiative, for which the contribution of all qualified scholars is requested. The aim of the project is to give a response to a growing need of reading scientific literature through internet. Articles already published, or improved versions of former publications, or studies that, on account of their extension, have not been accepted by current publications, in short, everything that the authors consider useful to offer to a larger university public, constitutes the dynamic fund of Borges Studies Online. Of course, in spite of a lesser constraint concerning the uniformity in the norms of style, the same strict academic level required for Variaciones Borges will be a requisite for the acceptance of manuscripts. The rate of publication is not periodical, but the articles are incorporated in the site as they are received and recommended for publication. Only electronic versions on diskette or as e-mail attachment can be accepted. The present note counts as an invitation to collaborate. Thanks in advance.


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