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Complex and passionate involvement with Estela Canto, recounted by her in Borges a contraluz

Historical Context

Argentina declares the war against the Axis. Wide spectrum of opposition forces (from Radicals to Communists) coalesce in the Democratic Union (a “Popular Front” without the working class). Perón is forced to resign all his positions and is arrested by the government. On October 17 workers mobilize to May Square and demand Perón´s release, which  is granted. Perón marries Eva Duarte.    


Borges continues living at Calle Maipú 994, CABA. 


  • El compadrito. Su destino, sus barrios y su música. Ed. Borges and Silvina Bullrich. Buenos Aires: Emecé, 1945. 108 pp. [Includes preface by Borges and "Hombre de la esquina rosada."]

Periodical Publications

  • Moral y literaturaSur 126 (April 1945), pp. 71-72. [Response to a debate in Sur, included in Borges en Sur, pp. 297-99.]
  • Manuel Peyrou. La espada dormidaSur 126 (April 1945), p. 127. [Review included in Borges en Sur, pp. 282-83.
  • Sobre el doblaje. Sur 128 (June 1945), pp. 88-90. [Essay included in the second edition of Discusión.]
  • Nota sobre la paz. Sur 129 (July 1945), pp. 9-10. [Essay included in Borges en Sur, pp. 33-34.]
  • Agradecimiento a la demonstración ofrecida por la Sociedad Argentina de Escritores. Sur 129 (July 1945), pp. 120-21. [Speech included in Borges en Sur, pp. 300-02.]
  • El Aleph. Sur 131 (September 1945), pp. 52-66. [Story included in El Aleph.]
  • La flor de ColeridgeLa Nación (23 September 1945), second section, p. 1. [Essay included in Otras inquisiciones.]
  • Valéry como símboloSur 132 (October 1945), pp. 30-32. [Essay included in Otras inquisiciones.]
  • Vindicación del 1900Saber vivir 5.53 (1945), pp. 44-45. [Essay included in Textos recobrados 1931-1955, pp. 228-32.]


  • Prólogo. El compadrito. Ed. Borges and Silvina Bullrich. Buenos Aires: Emecé, 1945, pp. 7-8. [Preface included in Textos recobrados 1931-1955, pp. 217-18.]
  • Nota preliminar. William James. Pragmatismo. Buenos Aires: Emecé, 1945. [Preface included in Textos recobrados 1931-1955, pp. 219-21.]
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  • Prólogo. Henry James. La humillación de los Northmore. Buenos Aires: Emecé, 1945, pp. 9-13. [Included in Prólogos.]
  • Prólogo. Thomas Carlyle. Sartus Resartus, vida y opiniones de Herr Tenfeldsdröckh. Buenos Aires: Emecé, 1945. [Included in Prólogos.]


  • Contesta Jorge Luis BorgesLatitud [Buenos Aires] (February 1945). [Included in Textos Recobrados 1931-1955, pp. 352-54.]
    • Hanson: In this brief interview Borges explains why he writes, his literary ambitions, and his current projects.
  • Debates de Sur: Moral y literaturaSur Apr. 1945. Rpt. in Borges en Sur (1931-1980). Barcelona: Emecé, 1999. 297-99.
    • Hanson: In this short article Borges addresses the topics of moral vs. immoral literature and ethics.


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