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Bibliographies for 1974




Single volume Obras completas includes a fictive encyclopedia entry on Borges from 2074. La Opinión publishes a Spanish translation of "An Autobiographical Essay."


Borges continues living at Calle Maipú 994, CABA. 

Historical Context

Perón dies.  Maria E. Martínez de Perón becomes president. Final split between the left and right wings of Peronism. Powerful Minister José López Rega creates the Argentine Anti-communist Alliance (AAA), a right-wing paramilitary group focused on the physical elimination of leftist militants and guerrillas.  Montoneros and ERP escalate their armed actions. Public universities are intervened by the Peronist government and purged of leftist and opposition faculty and students.


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Periodical Periodicals

  • ProteoLa Nación (10 February 1974), third section, p. 1.
  • El ciegoLa Nación (24 March 1974), third section, p. 1.
  • There are more things. Crisis 2.13 (May 1974), pp. 48-49. [Story included in El libro de arena.]
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  • El bisonte.  La Nación (23 June 1974), third section, p. 1.
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  • All our yesterdaysLa Nación (29 September 1974), second section, pp. 1-23. [First Spanish version of "An Autobiographical Essay.]
  • CosmogoníaLa Nación (24 November 1974), third section, p. 1.
  • El testigoLa Nación (22 December 1974), third section, p. 1.

Prefaces and Notes

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