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Bibliographies for 1941




Publication of an anthology of Argentine poetry with Bioy and Silvina Ocampo. At the end of December, publication of book of short stories, El jardín de senderos que se bifurcan


Borges continues to live in the apartment at Quintana 263.


  • Antolog√≠a po√©tica argentina. Ed. Adolfo Bioy Casares, Jorge Luis Borges and Silvina Ocampo. Buenos Aires: Sudamericana, 1941. Preface by Borges, pp. 7-11. 
  • El jard√≠n de senderos que se bifurcan. Buenos Aires: Sur, 1941. 124 pp.
  • Pr√≥logo, Tl√∂n, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius, El acercamiento a Almot√°sim, Pierre Menard, autor del Quijote, Las ruinas circulares, La loter√≠a en Babilonia, Examen de la obra de Herbert Quain, La biblioteca de Babel, El jard√≠n de senderos que se bifurcan.
  • [Published at the end of December 1941, actually distributed in 1942. Later became the first half of Ficciones.]



Periodical Publications

  • La loter√≠a en Babilonia. Sur 76 (January 1941), pp 70-76. [Story included in Ficciones.]
  • Bret Harte: Stories of the Old West. Sur 76 (January 1941), p. 121. [Essay included in Borges en Sur, pp. 240-41.]
  • Fragmento sobre Joyce. Sur 77 (February 1941), pp. 60-62. [Essay included in Borges en Sur, pp. 167-69.]
  • Edward Shanks: Rudyard Kipling, A Study in Literature and Political Ideas. Sur 78 (March 1941), pp. 83-84. [Review included in Borges en Sur, pp. 242-44.]
  • Examen de la obra de Herbert Quain. Sur 79 (April 1941), pp. 44-48. [Story included in Ficciones.]
  • Gerald Heard: Pain, Sex and Time. Sur 80 (May 1941), pp. 111-13. [Review included in second edition of Discusi√≥n.]
  • La creaci√≥n y P. H. Gosse. Sur 81 (June 1941), pp. 68-70. [Essay included in Otras inquisiciones.]
  • Un film abrumador. Sur 81 (June 1941), pp. 88-89. [Review of Citizen Kane, included in Borges en Sur, pp. 199-200.]
  • Nota sobre "The purple land." La Naci√≥n (3 August 1941), second section, p. 1. [Essay included in Otras inquisiciones.]
  • Sobre los cl√°sicos. Sur 85 (October 1941), pp. 7-12. [Different essay from the one of the same title in second edition of Otras inquisiciones.]
  • Dos libros de este tiempoLa Naci√≥n (12 October 1941), second section, p. 1. [On H.G. Wells, Guide to the new world, and Bertrand Russell, Let the people think. Included as "Dos libros" in Otras inquisiciones.]
  • Am√©rico Castro: La pecularidad ling√ľ√≠stica rioplatense y su sentido hist√≥rico. Sur 86 (November 1941), pp. 66-70. [Review later revised as "Las alarmas del doctor Am√©rico Castro" in Otras inquisiciones.]
  •  El Dr. Jekyll y Edward Hyde, transformados. Sur 87 (December 1941), pp. 21-22. [Film review included in the second edition of Discusi√≥n.]
  • Tres formas del eterno regreso. La Naci√≥n (14 December 1941), p. 1. [Revised as "El tiempo circular" for the second edition of Historia de la eternidad.]

Prefaces and Notes

  • Nota sobre "La tierra purpurea." Guillermo E. Hudson. Antolog√≠a. Buenos Aires; Losada, 1941, p. 280. [Essay included in Otras inquisiciones.]
  • Pr√≥logo. Antolog√≠a po√©tica argentina. Buenos Aires: Editorial Sudamericana, 1941. 



  • Henri Michaux. Un b√°rbaro en Asia. Buenos Aires: Sur, 1941.