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Bibliographies for 1923



Relationship with Concepci√≥n Guerrero. Publication of the magazine Proa. Publication of first book, Fervor de Buenos Aires. Borges family departs on second trip to Europe in July, with visits to England, France, Switzerland and Spain.


On June 21 Borges begins his second trip to Europe, sailing to London on the steamship Highland Rover. In July he moves to the Hotel Bayard for a two-month stay. On September 12 he moves to the Pension de Tranchées in Geneva. In December he visits by train many of the cities he had visited in 1919: Narbonne, Tarascón, Perpignan, Nimes, and Avignon.

Historical Context

Government attempt to regulate the beef business resisted and defeated by an alliance of foreign-owned meat-packing plants and ‚Äúfatteners‚ÄĚ (a sector of cattle ranchers directly connected to beef exports).

  • Fervor de Buenos AiresBuenos Aires, privately printed by Imprenta Serrantes, 1923. 64 pp. [First edition, not paginated.] 
  • A quien leyere (preface), Las calles, La Recoleta, Calle desconocida, El Jard√≠n Bot√°nico, M√ļsica patria, La Plaza San Mart√≠n, El truco, Final del a√Īo, Ciudad, Hallazgo, Un patio, Barrio reconquistado, Vanilocuencia, Villa Urquiza, Sala vac√≠a, Inscripci√≥n sepulcral (Para el coronel Don Isidoro Su√°rez, mi bisabuelo), Rosas, Arrabal, Remordimiento por cualquier defunci√≥n, Jard√≠n, Inscripci√≥n en cualquier sepulcro, Dictamen, La vuelta, La guitarra, Resplandor, Amanecer, El Sur, Carnicer√≠a, Alquimia, Benar√©s, Alba desdibujada, Juder√≠a, Ausencia, Llaneza, Llamarada, Caminata, La noche de San Juan, S√°bados, Cercan√≠as, Ca√Īa de √°mbar, Inscripci√≥n sepulcral (Para el coronel don Francisco Borges, mi abuelo), Trofeo, Forjadura, Atardeceres, Despedida. 
  • [This book was modified when the poems were republished in editions of Poemas and Obra po√©tica from 1943 to 1967. The most radical changes, including the addition of a new preface, occurred when the book was reissued as part of the Obras completas in 1969. For studies of these changes see the works of Tommaso Scarano and Antonio Cajero.]

Periodical Publications

  • La encrucijada de Berkeley. Nosotros 17.43 (January 1923), #164, pp. 359-65. [Essay later included in Inquisiciones.] 
  •  Respuesta de nuestra encuesta sobre la nueva generaci√≥n literaria. Nosotros 17.44 (May 1923), #168, pp. 16-17. [Response to survey, included in Textos recobrados 1919-1929, pp. 390-91.]
  • Francisco Pi√Īero. Proa [first period] #3 (July 1923). [Obituary included in Textos recobrados 1919-1929, p. 173.]
  • Guillermo de Torre. H√©lices.  Proa [first period] #3 (July 1923). [Review included in Textos recobrados 1919-1929, p. 174.]
  • Macedonio Fern√°ndez. El RecienvenidoProa [first period] #3 (July 1923). [Review included in Textos recobrados 1919-1929, pp. 175-76.]
  • Atardecer. Manom√®tre [Lyon] #4 (August 1923), p. 71. [Poem, with French translation by √Čmile Malespine. Included in Textos recobrados 1919-1929, p. 177.]
  • Ciudad. Irradiador 1 (September 1923). [Poem from Fervor de Buenos Aires, reprinted and studied in an article by Rose Corral in Hispam√©rica 35 in 2006.]
  • Acerca de Unamuno, poeta. Nosotros 17.45 (December 1923), #175, pp. 405-10. [Essay later included in Inquisiciones (1925).]
  • Acerca del expresionismo. Inicial 1.3 (December 1923), pp. 15-17. [Essay on German expressionism including translations of Wilhelm Klemm and August Stramm. Modified version later included in Inquisiciones (1925). Original version in Textos recobrados 1919-1929, pp. 179-80.]