University of Pittsburgh


Variaciones Borges is a journal of philosophy, semiotics and literature, published twice a year in Spanish, English and French by The University of Pittsburgh. Reaching beyond pure exegeses of Borges's writings, the journal aims to explore the special style of thinking, writing and reading in which Borges excelled. Fantastic ontologies, synchronic genealogies, utopian grammars, fictional geographies, multiple universal histories, logical bestiaries, ornithological syllogisms, narrative ethics, imaginary mathematics, theological thrillers, nostalgic geometries and invented remembrances converge to justify the epithet "Borgesian" for a special area of academic research, in which philosophy appears as perplexity, thought as conjecture, and poetry as the deepest form of rationality. These creative displacements of relevance can be called "transverse epistemologies." Selected articles from past issues of the journal are available in the section Borges Criticism.