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Euphorbus, a Dardanian warrior in Greek mythology; Pythagoras said he was Euphorbus in a previous incarnation

Fishburn and Hughes: "A Trojan hero who, when he was killed by Menelaus, then dedicated his shield in the temple of Hera in Argos (Iliad 17.45ft).
The Lottery in Babylon: to prove his theory of metempsychosis, or reincarnation, Pythagoras, who claimed to have been Euphorbus in a previous life, took down the shield from the temple wall and pointed to the name inscribed on the back (Horace, Odes 1.28.11).

The Theologians: no record has been found of a heretic called Euphorbus burnt at the stake. In the light of Pythagoras' statement, the name could have been deliberately chosen to reinforce the concept of people and events returning through time, as believed by 'the heretics of the wheel'." (68)

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