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Aguja de navegar cultos. Con la receta para hacer 'Soledades' en un día

Quevedo polemical work against Góngora, 1631.

Fishburn and Hughes: "A short satirical work by Quevedo attacking linguistic preciosity. It consists of: a 'recipe' for writing 'Soledades' (a poem of extreme artificiality by Quevedo's rival, Luís de Góngora) in one day; a parody of a romance by another contemporary, Juan Pérez de Montalbán, describing the mouth of his beloved in the affected style of the period; and a poem on twilight, full of exaggerated metaphors and classical allusions. It concludes in self-parody by invoking 'God's mercy' on the 'Castilian language' and by wishing that the air polluted by so much arcane verse be cleared once and for all." (4)

Borges Index: 
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