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Bibliographies for 1940




Edits anthology of fantastic literature with Bioy Casares and Silvina Ocampo, and publishes several more key short stories. Preface to Bioy's La invención de Morel explores preferences in narrative fiction.


Borges moves to a large apartment at Quintana 263.

Historical Context

President Ortiz removes Conservative governor of Buenos Aires Manuel Fresco. Ortiz takes leave of absence due to illness. Ramón Castillo becomes interim president. Federico Pinedo appointed Minister of the Economy.  Foundation of ´Acción Argentina´ against the increasing presence of Nazism in Argentine society.


  • Antología de la literatura fantástica. Ed. Adolfo Bioy Casares, Jorge Luis Borges and Silvina Ocampo. Buenos Aires: Sudamericana, 1940. 328 pp. 
  • [Note: This anthology was considerably modified for its second edition in 1965.]

Periodical Publications

  • H. G. Wells: Travels of a Republican Radical in Search of Hot WaterSur 64 (January 1940), pp. 84-85. [Review included in Borges en Sur, pp. 221-22.]
  • Olaf Stapledon: Philosophy and Living. Sur 64 (January 1940), p. 85. [Review included in Borges en Sur, pp. 223-24.]
  • Eden Phillpotts: Monkshood.  Sur 65 (February 1940), pp. 110-11. [Review included in Borges en Sur, pp. 225-26.]
  • Neil Stewart : Blanqui Sur 65 (February 1940), pp. 111-12. [Review included in Borges en Sur, pp. 227-28.]
  • Algunos pareceres de Nietzsche. La Nación (11 February 1940), second section, p. 1. [Essay included in Textos recobrados 1931-1955, pp. 181-84.
  • El espejo de los enigmasSur 66 (March 1940), pp. 74-77. [Essay included in Otras inquisiciones.]
  • Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius. Sur 68 (May 1940), pp. 30-46. [Story included in Ficciones.]
  • G. K. Chesterton. The End of the Armistice.  Sur 70 (July 1940), pp. 60-61. [Review included in Borges en Sur, pp. 229-30.]
  • Ellery Queen. The New Adventures of Ellery QueenSur 70 (July 1940), pp. 61-62. [Review included in Borges en Sur, pp. 231-32.]
  • John Dickson Carr. The Black SpectaclesSur 70 (July 1940), pp. 62-63. [Review included in Borges en Sur, pp. 233-34.]
  • Arthur Waley. Three Ways of Thought in Ancient ChinaSur 71 (August 1940), pp. 72-75. [Review included in Borges en Sur, pp. 235-37.]
  • B. Ifor Evans. A Short History of English LiteratureSur 71 (August 1940), pp. 74-75. [Review included in Borges en Sur, pp. 238-39.]
  • El tiempo y J. W. DunneSur 72 (September 1940), pp. 74-77. [Essay included in Otras inquisiciones.]
  • Edward Kasner and James Newman. Mathematics and the imagination. Sur 73 (October 1940), pp. 85-86. [Essay included in the second edition of Discusión.]
  • La noche cíclica. La Nación (6 October 1940), second section, p. 2. [Poem included in El otro, el mismo.]
  •  Para la noche del 24 de Diciembre, en Inglaterra. Saber vivir 4-5 (November-December 1940), p. 20. [Poem included in Textos recobrados 1931-1955, p. 185. 
  • Las ruinas circulares. Sur 75 (December 1940), pp. 100-06. [Story included in Ficciones.]
  • Definición de germanófilo. El Hogar 36.1626 (13 December 1940), p. 3. [Essay included in Textos cautivos, pp. 335-38.]


  • Prólogo. Adolfo Bioy Casares. La invención de Morel. Buenos Aires: Losada, 1940, pp. 9-13. [Preface included in Prólogos.]
  • Prólogo. Carlos Grünberg. Mester de judería. Buenos Aires: Argirópolis, 1940, pp. 9-16. [Preface included in Prólogos.]


  • William Faulkner. Las palmeras salvajes. Buenos Aires: Editorial Sudamericana, 1940.