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Daniel Balderston


Borges Center publishes Evelyn Fishburn's Hidden Pleasures in Borges's Fiction and Jorge Guillermo Borges's La senda.


Two special issues of Variaciones Borges. Number 35, dedicated to his poetry. Number 36, dedicated to the reception of Borges. This issue includes most of the works presented at the Symposium on the Reception of Borges held at the University of Pittsburgh on November 8-9 2012.

Revised version of “Tema del traidor y del héroe” found at the Biblioteca Nacional (Argentina).


Symposium on the Reception of Borges. 8-9 November 2012. See Borges Center Events on this webpage.


"Borges lector" symposium held at the Biblioteca Nacional in Buenos Aires, with an exhibit of the materials from the library that Laura Rosato and Germán Álvarez discovered.


Historical context

Creation of the Department of Labor.


The family continued living in the house at Serrano 2147.


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